Golden Sands Open 2015

WDSF International Open Latin

WDSF Youth Open Latin & Standard

Aduld Open Standard

Dates: 30 May 2015

Place: Internation Hotel Casino & Tower Suites, Golden Sands, Bulgaria

Dress: WDSF Rules must be applied

Starting Fee: Per couple:

Category One Programme Both Programmes
Juveniles EUR 15 EUR 20
Junior 1, Junior 2 & Rising Stars EUR 20 EUR 30
Youth, Seniors EUR 25 EUR 35
Rising Stars Latin EUR 30  
WDSF International Open Latin / Adult Open Standard EUR 30 EUR 40

Couples dancing in Youth Standard categoriy can take part in Adult Open Standard free of charge!


For all finalists in Juveniles, Junior, Youth & Adults - cups, medals and souvenir prizes

Please send your entry not later than 28 May 2015!

VIP Table Seats:

  • Seats at VIP tables (one day): BGN 30 / EUR 15
  • Seats at VIP tables (both days): BGN 40 / EUR 20